But We Can’t Afford Date Night!

Following on from last week’s post, couples I meet often ‘get’ the idea of date night and are really keen to get going. The problem is that with all the outgoings of a typical family there’s just nothing left for the tried and tested ‘dinner and a movie’.

However, you’ll remember from last week that one of the key ways that date night helps couples regain and sustain their bond is ‘novelty’.

Luckily novelty doesn’t cost as much as dinner and two movie tickets, plus there are plenty of ‘dates’ the two of you can enjoy at home with the kids tucked in upstairs and the baby monitor on. It’s just a matter of being creative!

I’ve collected tons of ideas from clients and friends over the years for date nights (and days!) that don’t need an unlimited budget or a babysitter, so here are a few to get you started.

1. Have breakfast for dinner, at home or in a cafe

2. Play your favourite childhood board games (you can try a strip version of these if you fancy spicing things up)

3. Make chocolate fondue together with a platter full of goodies to dip

4. Learn a line dance from YouTube

5. Go to one restaurant for starters, another for dinner, and a final one for dessert

6. Share a plate of your favourite nibbles and feed each other

7. Take a stroll down Memory Lane . Lay a blanket on the floor, light a few candles and watch a home movie — your wedding, kids’ birthdays, family holidays. Dust off old photo albums to continue the reminiscing!

8. Spend some time in the card aisle at your local shop finding one for each other. Don’t show each other the cards you’ve selected .. yet. First, go to a cafe and order a drink, then fill out your cards and exchange your most current “vows”

9. The £1 Date . Make a dinner only using ingredients that are £1 or less. Go to your local pound shop together and each buy two treats to share, then snuggle in with the first movie you ever saw together

10. Have dinner in the backyard, patio, or your front lawn

What have YOU ALWAYS wanted to do with your other half? Let them know (don’t be shy)

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