An Introduction to Email Counselling

I’ve been offering email counselling since June 2018 and it works really well.

Email counselling is a flexible way to get support without having to commit to a weekly session or travel to a counselling centre. You can write to me about any issue that’s worrying you and I will support you to understand better the difficulties you’re experiencing and encourage you to think about ways to change things. 

You would write an email of about 500-750 words, and I will aim to respond with a long email within three working days. The email will contain reflections on what you have said as well as some suggestions for work to do in between our exchanges. I would let you know in advance if I’m planning any time away from my desk.

You can work with me for as long as you find it helpful, but initially we will be identifying what your goals are for our work together so we can keep a focus on those.

Each message exchange costs £60 and is the equivalent of an hour of face-to-face counselling — with the added benefit that you can go back and re-read your messages whenever you need to. You would send payment at the same time as you send each email, and I also offer blocks of 6 messages at a reduced price of £330 as this saves me some admin time.

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