Managing Separation & Divorce

Sometimes couples or individuals decide that separation might be the best option for the adults and children involved. If you feel the relationship is at that point I can offer a space to talk about amicable separation and how to move forward in a constructive way.


Research shows that it’s not separation and divorce that affect children’s outcomes but the amount of unresolved conflict involved. It is possible to separate with dignity and in a way where the inevitable conflict over important decisions is dealt with in a healthy and productive way.

Separation coaching and counselling is a chance to look at where each individual might be emotionally, what children’s needs might be, and to make some decisions that will work in everyone’s interests.

You can attend on your own or with an ex partner. I can work with you together in the room or offer separate sessions in order to process what you are going through individually, with the intention of helping you productively manage the future as separated parents.

Each confidential session lasts 50 minutes using a secure webcam connection. The number of sessions is up to you and can be booked in blocks of six sessions or one by one.

Telephone appointments are also available, and it’s also possible to work using email if meeting at a specific time is difficult.

Get in touch to ask about availability or with any other questions about the service.