Relationship Coaching

You’ve been together a while and although you’re happy to be together you feel something is missing in order to help your couple relationship grow and thrive .

Strengthen and secure your love for the future with tailored sessions to take stock of your relationship and learn key skills to make your commitment last.

Or if you’re still single come on your own and find out what you’re really looking for from that special someone, as well as how to stop wasting your time and money on the wrong ones and find your ‘keeper’ online or maybe just round the corner.

Sessions are completely confidential and last 50 minutes in a choice of comfortable and stylish locations in central Newcastle upon Tyne or at the coast . The number of sessions is up to you and can be booked in blocks of four sessions or individually.

Webcam, telephone and email coaching are also available.. Get in touch to ask about availability, or with any other questions about the service.