What can you live with?

A very dear friend recently posted on Facebook that she had met up with a guy from a dating site:

‘First rule of dating please use deodorant … may of overlooked the fact that he was 5 inchs smaller than on his profile if he smelled nicer … lasted 42 mins’

Of course my first reaction was to laugh out loud, but next I got to thinking .. Is it better to try to have a relationship with someone who may not shower often enough (or to be fair, might have been REALLY nervous!) or someone who’s not truthful?

Of course no one can ever fulfil the perfect idea we’re sold on TV and films of the person we’ll spend our lives with (imagine trying to BE that person and you’ll quickly drive yourself crazy). Instead, in any relationship we choose the things we can tolerate in a person (or ask a person to change) and those we need to reject in order to keep ourselves safe.

Someone who doesn’t feel they need to bend the truth will listen when you suggest they might want to make friends with the soap dish .. but however nice he smells a liar is a whole different proposal. And if someone thinks it’s a good idea to lie to you about something as obvious as how tall he is, ask yourself what else he’s prepared to hide ..