Blocked , Shocked & Hurt ? ( facebook break-ups )

Great points .. I hear so many people talking about their agony about post break-up Facebook activity. Although on a more positive point some people using Facebook to facilitate honesty in their relationship .. like all tech, it’s how humans use it that makes the difference ..

It’s funny how quickly we can form relationships. A Facebook friend inexplicably blocked me and I was affected by it in my ” real ” life , actually hurt and disappointed. Maybe It was because he was bi-racial and gay and he misunderstood what I was trying to say, about race, sexuality and life .

People choose to a certain extent how they wish to live, of course it depends on the environment that nurtured them in the first place. Family, school, the media and everything else comes together and molds the raw personality. And you get what you plant.

I don’t hate white people I don’t trust them. The American people of influence are master manipulators, they in general tend to be white, those black people that follow this same ethic are in general blacks who have wholeheartedly embraced the colonial fathers definition of the world and how to…

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